Comprehensive Divorce Services in Phoenix, AZ

Knowledge is power and there are no two scenarios that are alike.

Feeling empowered is paramount during this time and our goal is to help you get there.

Already had a consultation?

Once you have already completed a 20-minute complimentary confidential consult, un-tied will determine if the next step is to schedule our fee-based two-hour intake session. This two-hour session provides you up to two hours in person or by your choice of video conferencing. During this time, we will paint a clear picture of the current state of affairs in your partnership because you don’t know what you don’t know. You will walk away with a plan of action and support that will help you move forward with any decisions you need to make.

Value We Provide

Retaining counsel and building a team will inevitably be a costly investment. From personal experience, by hiring un-tied, we will keep you organized in this daunting process, saving time and money. We will assist you in taking the lead to empowerment by compiling the necessary documents, financial statements, hire the professionals needed to build your team and ensure the support and expertise essential to moving on to the next chapter of your life!!

Intake Consultation

Our initial intake consultation will assess where you are in your relationship, where you would like to go and how we can help you get there. If you don’t know, we can provide guidance and resources to help you make informed decisions about your next steps in this process with a commitment of complete confidentiality.

Net Worth Calculation

Have you ever thought about what you and your partner are worth? Put in another way, net worth is what is owned minus what is owed. What is your home value? What other real estate assets do you have? What are the values of your investments and retirement accounts? What debt have you and your partner incurred? What artworks, jewelry, wardrobe items among other collectibles do you own? Do you have corporate personal guarantees or business entanglements? This list can be simple or detailed in scope and will help un-tied determine what your net worth is and what is at stake.

Retaining an Attorney/Mediator

You may be in a position that requires building a team to represent your interests which includes your children. This may be imperative in preparing to create a parenting agreement, personal settlement or potentially having to go to court. Your needs may be as simplistic as retaining an attorney and/or a mediator or as complex as building a team tapping into our list of professional referrals. From experience, our list is wide in scope and may include professionals you have never considered such as business attorneys, forensic accountants, wealth advisors, vocational experts, adult and child psychologists, realtors and appraisers and the list goes on and on.

Preparation of Documents

If you have prepared documents for filing your taxes you know it can be a cumbersome and time consuming task. However, gathering up documents that could go back years as part of the expectation during a separation or divorce is daunting enough but doing it while you are in a complete fog or funk, is a feat in and of itself. You will need un-tied to help you as we are armed with a comprehensive checklist to keep you on track and accountable for all that is necessary for you to clearly see your financial status in preparation to make clear decisions.

Personality/Behavior Assessments

Have you been out of the workforce for a considerable amount of time to raise your family? Will you need to build a resume, take some classes to enhance your skill-set and discover what feeds your soul at this stage of your life? What are your strengths, your weaknesses, your core values that drive you? A personality/behavior assessment will help leverage your mindset and behavior to unlock your potential.